The pandemic caused by COVID-19 is causing many families to rethink college and how they will afford it. What is certain during the pandemic is the success that Schollages, LLC continues to experience despite the rising uncertainties. Students who work with Schollages, LLC remain successful due to the ability to locate best-fit scholarships for students.

Formed over 30 years ago, Schollages, LLC is owned and operated by Keniti Pinkett, a scholarship expert, who was among the first cohort when The George Washington University awarded the inaugural Stephen Joel Trachtenburg Scholarship in 1989. Graduating debt-free, Keniti Pinkett continued pursuing academic pursuits using scholarships while helping others achieve the same results. She now helps her own kids and members of her community graduate with little to no debt. Schollages, LLC uses evidenced-based skills to coach students throughout the scholarship process. Schollages, LLC demystifies the scholarship process, help reduce stress as students implement a winning system to replicate year after year as long as they’re in school.